Are libertarian parents hypocrites? Natalie Solent disagrees with Swift, but she's got an interesting take on the issue of educational hypocrisy:

Another reason for keeping my twitching Doc Martens under control is that Swift does make some very logical points. I might make some use of them myself, seeing as I am the mirror image of his rich socialists, a poverty stricken enthusiast for capitalism. I send my children to a state school funded by extortion - that's "taxes" to the non-libertarians among you. Even if I could afford the money for any of the fee paying schools in the area or the time to home educate I would still send my kids to their present school because they like it most of the time and we can walk there. It would be nice if our village school were once again funded by voluntary contributions, but that's not likely to happen for decades.

Do libertarians have similar concerns about the hypocrisy of sending their kids to public schools? If you believe in private schools, how come you send your kids public?

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